"Our son has blossomed and really loves coming to learn and play. Thank you for a wonderful     

preschool year.

                                                                      "Thank you for all you have done for our three grandchildren.

                                                                                  You stand out in a profession filled with fabulous people"



"We are so glad we choose this preschool program. The teachers really care about the kids."


                                             "Thank you for guiding our daughter through a wonderful first year of school.

                                            We truly appreciate all of the special efforts that are put into your program."


As this year winds down, I have to thank you and the other preschool teachers for two wonderful years for our 4 grandsons.  I’m lucky enough to have been able to see them all grow and thrive in your warm, nurturing environment.  The older 3 boys talk with Penn nostalgically about how much they loved preschool and how much fun they had.  They don’t realize that they also learned valuable reading and math skills, as well as social skills, ie how to share, how to consider the feelings of others, etc.
They have loved the gym time, Music with Mar, the library, the playground, and the artwork and stories in their classes.  Carter may have started with some tears, but the boys have all been sad when their pre-school experience has ended.
Thanks so much for helping the Bittner and Gipe boys become fine young boys.