How to Enroll:


    - The parents will be asked to withdraw the child for one month to work with the child on a one-to-one basis (tuition cannot be refunded as we are holding the child’s spot in class), or

    - The parents may decide to withdraw the child for the remainder of the year (tuition will be prorated if/when the child’s spot can be filled).

  • Immunizations: Children must have immunizations up to date.  The Immunization Form must be on file before your child can begin Preschool as required by New York State.  Unless there are changes, form submission is required only once.                           Lead testing at preschool age is highly recommended.   Please see your Doctor.    


The Director will address questions and arrange for visitations of interested families.  The Registrar will accept the registration forms, which include the Application Form along with a non-refundable $60 registration fee ($30 for each additional child registering from the same family) which will secure a placement.

Church members and sibling applications will be processed first.                                                  Registration will open to the public on January 15th.

Required Registration Forms

Tuition and Payment Schedule

Tution is due the first Tuesday of the months of August, September, October, November,

December, January, February, and March according to the Tution Payment Book. All Tuition

for the 2019-20 school year is due by March 3, 2020.

Tuition for the three year old class is $800.  per year, or $100.00  per coupon.

Tuition for the four year old class is $1056.  per year, or $132.00 per coupon.

The 4 Plus class, attending a 3 hour day has a tuition of $1336 per year., or $167.00 per coupon.

Please include Coupon with your payment. $15 replacement fee for lost payment book.

A $20 late fee will be assessed on payments received by the registrar after the due date.

There is a $20 fee if your check is returned from the bank.

If it is necessary for a child to be withdrawn, tuition for that quarter will be forfeited.  The Executive School Board is available for appeal for special circumstances regarding tuition refunds.