We provide a balance between child-choice activities and structured group activities.  Each room offers many types of hands-on materials for active participation.

Beyond learning about the seasons and holidays, we are trying to expose the children to the world around them through our themes.  Some of our theme topics are: “Me”, Family, Musical Instruments, Pets, Safety, Dinosaurs, Transportation, Farm Animals, Ocean Life, and Nursery Rhymes.  The possibilities are endless so we choose some fun topics each year and incorporate concept development.


Participation of Parents

Parents are encouraged to participate in our program.  We ask for help assisting with parties, field   trips, and other functions.  You are welcome to visit our classes, but we ask that you wait until later in October, when the children have settled in.  We encourage you to sign up to visit.  You are welcome to assist in projects or play with the children during the first hour.    

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences for the 3 year olds will be in early October. Conferences for the 4 and 4 Plus/5 Star classes will be held in the spring; as the children ready for kindergarten..  You may request a conference at any time throughout the year.